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Welcome to my Tumblr site! This is mostly the spot where you'll find pictures of the letters I send out and receive. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in a correspondence! Я понимаю, немного по-русски, και μιλάω λίγο ελληνικά. Otherwise you'll find a bunch of my instagram photos, along with other pictures of the other fun stuff I enjoy doing. Enjoy!
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    So yeah I can see how many fingers you’re holding up



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  • Check your mailboxes. More on the way. #LetterWritersAlliance
  • Check your mailboxes. More on the way. #LetterWritersAlliance

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  • Priest Lake 2014
  • Priest Lake 2014

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  • Continuing our London adventure! Last day here :(

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    Incoming: Jacquelyne from San Francisco CA! Her letters are always soooo artistically done. It’s really beautiful. Although it took me a while to figure out that I was supposed to unstick the San Fran sticker for the entire thing to fold out. Also Bee stickers!! I can’t wait to use them. She’s so thoughtful. 

    Taking a note from one of my other pen pals who used a 12x12 scrapbook page to write a letter and folded it as an envelope - origami style. I tied this up with twine, and crossed my fingers it would get to snailorwriter.

    lol, I should have included directions to unfold it, but it made it!!! I will be doing this again. I hope this letter matches snailorwriter usual witty letters. And I include a preview of “S” for you. *wink*

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    No need to be here
    No card to clock in
    And I could swear somebody’s watchin’
    Where I go and where I’ve been
    Brother I could see Moses
    And all the things he did for you
    Oh brother I’ve been hearin’ voices
    That I’m probably not supposed to
    How will I walk steady
    If the ground should come alive?
    And how will I be ready
    For the world another time?

    So am I another slave now
    To the screamin’ in my head?
    Or is it a little strange now
    How the moment’s gone and fled?
    Bother I gotta tell you
    That something here is wrong
    Oh brother I gotta tell ya
    This place ain’t what I thought

    I know I ain’t gonna live forever
    And I know you feel the same
    You’ll see it when you’re older
    No love is not a game anymore
    So thank god we’re together

    Clayton Stroop, Scott Jason
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